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    Please! need help with blog.

    I've been designing a theme for a blog for the last 2 weeks. It's the first time I've ever created a theme for a blog and I'm having trouble when it comes to the coding. I have everything the way I want it, except I can't get the navigation in place where it should be. Instead of being part of the design and sitting next to the content area it sits way off to the left side of my screen. I was wording if any of you could help me fix this problem? I've uploaded all the files for the theme and posted a link below so I don't have to post all the code here. I would be most greatful if someone could help me out. Oh and I don't have this issue with the main page, it only happens on the comment pages.

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    If this issue occurs on SOME pages only, most likely your menu code is OK and there is some "bad" code in other pages (where you experience this trouble).

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