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    dns server problems

    Hello everybody this is my first post in this forum and i hope to get ur help.

    we have rent a dedicated server but i'm not really trained to manage a dedicated server to serve shared webhosting service!

    for instance i am running through this problem .... dns takes long time to be updated in some ISPs but i'm not sure is it happening cos of the ISP itself or there should be something to be done on my side

    so is there some tips or good practices regarding dns server related things?
    and i also wanted to ask about restarting the dns server.
    is it something that should be done regularly? or it does not matter? when do i do it and how often?

    i'm sorry if my questions look odd but i'm beginner so any link to good resource a book maybe or a CBT course something to start with.

    thanks in advance

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    you can check the dns if they are properly configured from here
    if you retreive any info for the nameservers and hostname as well everything ok.Check the ips
    If not check the domain registar if you set them correct and the cpanel or whatever you use the customization there.
    The dns server no dont need restart often, if your server as an example is accesible from ip and the domains are down then you can restart it maybe an issue to them
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    Please keep in mind that DNS servers frequently update. Nevertheless, it can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

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    DNS resolution is not in our hand It's depends on physical location of your isp
    provider as it will take time to resolve in some part of the world. It can take approximately 24-72 hours to get DNS resolve in all part over the world. Once you update correct nameserver over your domain registrar end after propogation time completes your site will up on your server.
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    Please login to box and put the name of your site and give us any results for red is written solution or give you the correct way to prepare

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