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    using adsense codes inside an ifram on un-supported pages ?

    using adsense codes inside an ifram will work to place ads inside any unsupported-language pages, but is this fine by google ? if no then how come i've seen this in many websites and now it is been years since they used first time without any problem

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    ALL GoogleAds are loaded in an iframe, that's the way AdSense works.

    Putting your ads on unsupported pages, isn't really very smart because when Google says no, it really is no.

    They can easily cancel your account and drop all your revenue. They did that with my account once as well, and I deserved it because I clicked my own ads and told my friends to do so as well. I've learned from that experience, and now I earn about one week of free groceries /month

    Let me ask you... why isn't the page supported? Is the site related to porn, hacking, downloads etc? If so, don't even bother putting up GoogleAds, it WILL get your account blocked.
    hi there!

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    pages are completely legal; the only problem is the language, I mean the pages are written in a language that is not supported by google

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