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    Question .nl + .be + .de domain reseller program?


    Anyone knows of a reseller program (such as for .com, .org, etc.) for European domains ... especially .nl, .be, .de domains?

    I see a number of Dutch web hosts offering .nl domains -- but the program from teh National registry seems rather complicated to arrange.... any quick and dirty way to resell such domains on one's website?


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    Nope .. at least not for .nl names as far as I know . .you must become a SiDN member ( for that .. since Dutch domain names can only be registered using a valid KvK (chamber of commerce) number f.e. .. . that'll change january 29th 2003 ..
    However I am not sure they will losen the rules they have set now.. domains can only be registered and is member of Category I. There is much info on their webpage, not sure if you'r eable to read Dutch or not.. the English info seems to be quite limited...

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    Thanks for the info .. that's what I had feared after reading the info on that SIDN page. So, that means all Dutch web hosts who want to offer .nl domain registration from their site need to pay that quarterly €150 fee and all kind of other small fees related to teh domains themself ... even a fee for changing name servers (¡Very European, indeed!) ... just trying hard to make business as complicated as possible.

    Can anyone here suggest a way around that .. I mean, if you are a small web host and still want to offer .nl domains for your customers without registering them yourself -- is there any smooth solution?


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