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    Google Adsense

    Do most people use this on there hosting sites?
    If so, how are use going? Money wise does it bring in alot of cash?
    I know it depends on how good ads are, how many people click it extra but albeit do use get good money?


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    I don't recommend ads on a professional hosting site. Adsense would show competitors ads. Why would you want to advertise your competitors?
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    I would have to agree with MichelleH, it would not look professional and in regards to the money, in my personal experience it does not generate a lot of money. I make about $100every 3 months, all the ads pay very little like 0.05 and 0.10 however from time to time I do get a click worth about 2.00

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    I also have to agree with MichelleH, my friend took his adsence out of his website because it looks unprofessional and it only generated him $5 in the whole year. hehe. Though adsense is quite useful in blogs, it really depends on where you will place it so people will click on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichelleH View Post
    I don't recommend ads on a professional hosting site.
    i'm agree with MichelleH
    - do it your self.

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    i also agree.. dont advertise ur competitors

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    You will also be posting irrevelent ads on your site that nobody would want to click such as the "I got ripped in 2 weeks" ads you are seeing everywhere now. Its rediculous. lol
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    If you have good content and traffic, then you should consider using Adsense on your site. But good points have been mentioned with regards to the competitors' ads. You have no control over the ads so it really won't look professional.

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    If you're using your site to sell a product then I wouldn't recommend showing ads. They'll distract your potential customers and possibly send them elsewhere.

    There are filters built into adsense that help you block competitors' ads.

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    Contrary to everyone else here, I'm going to pose a slightly different view on this question...

    Why go with adsense? Here's the problem with adsense - your visitors need to CLICK the ads (and thus read / pay attention to them as well). Why not consider going with a website design thats going to emphasize your content & packages and hide a subtle pay-per-VIEW ad in the footer? Although I'm not saying I recommend ads on a hosting site - if you feel that you need to make $ through all resources possible, there's surely a "better" way of approaching things.

    If you feel that ad money is going to make more profit for you than the hosting itself, there may be a bit of a problem here... I'll leave it up to you to figure out what I mean by that. Just remember - quality always wins in the end.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hastings View Post
    If you feel that ad money is going to make more profit for you than the hosting itself, there may be a bit of a problem here...
    That's a good point, if you're making more on ads then hosting then maybe you should be blogging about hosting instead of selling it.

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    Google Adsense Is what most publishers use on their websites.
    After all,whatever Google throws out Is gonna be a hit.

    besides Adsense Is very effective. Is now a Google PR 6
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