TheServerExperts can manage & secure any kind of servers, or provide detailed, professional and emergency support on various type of Linux and BSD servers at an appealing cost. Please take a look at a small example of what we can provide you with.

Security is one thing that is often overlooked. Not keeping up with security can cause your business to go from flourishing to non-existent. We have devised a security plan that is perfect for most web solutions. Before we begin the security plan, your server will be investigated for prior attacks and/or current malicious activity. Your server will also be briefly scanned for rookits.

Critical(safe) managed solutions includes:

Install firewall & brute force protection. (APF & BFD or CSF)
Upgrade kernel to latest os release.
Secure /tmp and /var/tmp.
Root login email alerts.
Disable telnet and direct root logins.
Hardening /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf.
Sysctl.conf hardening and tuning.
Libsafe installation.
Install & configure mod_security apache.
Install & configure mod_dosevasive.
Daily security scans setup.
System integrity monitor.
Disable unused and insecure services.
Limit get, fetch, and compiler use.
Update apache, cPanel, and other system software.
Enable syncookie protection.
Enable IP spoofing protection.
Disable DNS Recursion Lowers the risk of cache poisening.
Disable IP Source Routing Hardening of the TCP/IP stack
Disable ICMP Redirect Acceptance.
Logwatch installation cumulative daily log reporting.
Rootkit detection and reporting (Rkhunter & Chkrootkit)
Plus a lot more...

We can provide these support options on RedHat, Fedora, CentOS.

Critical(safe) Security Audit:

1 server: $79.95 per case.

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Critical(safe) Retail Price:

1 server: $49.95 per month.

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Critical(safe) Bulk Discount:

5 servers: $14.95 per server/month.

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Critical(safe) Super Bulk Discount:

10 servers: $5.95 per server/month. Contact us - [email protected]


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