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    1U CPU Cooler speeds?

    Just wondering really, if you have a 1U cooler like an Akasa AK-CC029-5 or Dynatron P199, do these generally run full speed 24x7 or should they be bios controlled?

    I've never had any cooling issues or reliability issues with either of these coolers, but they don't seem to want to be controlled through the bios on all of the boards I have used, so they run full whack 24x7


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    On at least SUN boxes, the fans are speed controlled.
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    Seeing as the trend of green IT is gettin bigger and bigger its all about saving power.. so a fan on halv speed most of the time is better than one running full power

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    Fans are mostly controlled by the BIOS, they only run at maximum speeds at high loads or during startup of the server. If the fan control is disabled in the BIOS, the fans run at max speed all the time.

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    I cut the blue wire on all my P199's.

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