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    VPS Hosting with more than 3GB Sql Server 2008 Web Edition Database Storage

    Hi guys. I am looking for a VPS hosting with more than 3GB Database Storage ( SQL Server 2008 Web Edition).

    My budget is between $40 to $70.


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    Are you talking about 3GB RAM or disk space?
    Do you already have the SQL Server license or do you want that included in the price?

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    I am talking about 3GB Database storage, other than RAM or Disk Space.

    I want to include the license in the price. Thanks

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    Does SQL Server Web Edition have a limitation on database storage? 3GB is nothing for databases now days.

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    Not really, but some hosts limits the allowed Database Storage for some reason.

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    Besides having to include the cost of a Windows license, the cost of the MSSQL DB needs to be added as well. I doubt you'll find something that performs well in your current budget, but there may be some offer somewhere.
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    Did you want the database hosted or is it going to be on your VPS? Web Edition is relatively cheap, around $15 from memory.

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    With SQL Server Express edition - you will be able to have a database with max size of 4GB whereas there is no limitation of database size with SQL Server Web edition (unlimited database size). Hence, you will just need to ensure that you have enough amount of disk space on your VPS and your db size will be able to expand till that...
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