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    Resellerclub supersite

    I'm Resellerclub's reseller for a month. I've chosen Resellerclub because of their support for tel domain(Godaddy not supported at that time), support for diferent languages, lower price of their packages, more than 53000 resellers, their support ...
    My default languages is Slovenian and I've translated most of Supersite pages. But now when my customer want to create his account, I've found out, that they don't support UTF-8 character encoding. My customer can enter UTF-8 character in his last or first name, but it is then not renderd well as in e-mail, as in homepage or in their or my account admin page. If I want to enter UTF-8 caracter in admin page, I get message: invalid charcter. Their support has only forwarded my request to their Product Development Team. All their admin pages are ISO-8859-1 encoded. How can they say they support Montenegrin and similar languages , when they don't support UTF-8.

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    Their control panel has multi-language support. But text of some languages had not translated well. There are many wrong. And most text had not translated. And their forms allow to enter English characters only. If you don't use an automation software when there is not another way to fix it. They did not make anything about this subject for years.
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    We have recently launched Sofi; a community based translation engine that allows you to easily translate our interfaces into your preferred language. To take your example ahead; we now have clients who have translated their SuperSite and Control Panel to Montenegrin. As of now we certainly do support UTF-8 characters, please PM me the details of your query and we will have it looked into.

    As dhcart mentioned, we have multi-lingual support; while some messages are not the exact translations, we are looking to fix these through inputs from our Resellers on Sofi. If you have any questions on how to start working on Sofi, you can mail in to sales @ with the subject as Sofi.
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    well i agree that RC supersite and partnersite needs some more attention. RC shud look into it and enhance it.

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    I am having the same problems, I get this error when signing up as a new customer on my supersite. Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence.

    This really needs to be fixed ASAP or there is no purpose of supersite localization. A huge amount of clients cant signup on supersites because their name or address are getting refused.

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