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    cp -r with overwrite

    I need to copy all /etc directory and subdirectory to another /etc (source and destenation name is same)
    So all need to be replace (all destenation files and folders must replace with source files and directorys)

    i know "cp -r /root/etc /etc" is ok for above details.
    but its need to type "y" caracter for each file replacement.
    How can run this command for automatic replacement?

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    Use 'cp -rf'.

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    Try --force, that is, "cp -r --force source dest".

    If it still asks you to confirm, "cp" might have been an alias with mandatory confirmation. If this is the case, try directly executing /bin/cp if you can, i.e. "/bin/cp -r --force source dest"

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    Pipe it with yes:

    yes | cp -r /root/etc /etc
    Though, again it is worth mentioning that this will automatically overwrite files in /etc with their /root/etc counterpart.

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    I think cp is normally aliased with cp -i as that required the yes option. You can un alias it and then try to cp -f option you can confirm it by using the command "type cp" in shell. Then unalias cp and try to use cp -f

    or else cp -rf after unalias cp command
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    Hello every one
    try this command

    cp -rf --reply=yes /etc/* /(new path)

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    The cp command with the switch -i or --interactive will cause cp to prompt before every overwrite.

    If you haven't specified this explicitly, it would have been aliased in your .bash_profile or .bashrc file.

    To check this, type in alias at your command prompt and check if cp has been aliased to cp -i

    remove this line from the .bashrc file
    alias cp='cp -i'

    You may alternatively use the unalias command

    unalias cp

    Hope this helps

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    unalias cp

    This should work in this case.

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