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    Question for game server hosts...

    With all the posts on here lately about hosting game server, I'm curious as to how many of you guys host them, if they're your main business or if you host them as a side thing, and how many customers you've acquired and in how long of a time frame. Just curious to see how sucessful people really are.

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    It's not as good of a business to be in right now. It's starting to get fairly saturated like the webhosting market.
    Stephen Bazemore

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    We have discussed the idea a few times, but I'm not sure at the moment, a gaming dept would be rather nice. Mabye in the future.
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    as of right now, most of the income we receive is from the game server hosting because we're still deciding about the web hosting plans, control panel to use, and other things. we get most of our clients from advertising on IRC and provide support that way. you just got to learn how to deal with younger folks complaining when there's a spike. they believe in 20ms ping 24x7x365.

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    Yeah the market is getting quite saturated - a lot of dedicated server providers are getting into the market themselves which probably isn't the best idea in the world since it's a whole different world compared to webhosting/dedicated server selling. But people keep going at it so there has to be *some* people who are hitting it big...

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    The thing with game server hosting is similar to what brendon said. You have to deal with a lot of really young people(Kids) in general. So it's a little harder. You also have to take into consideration, alot of kids get in trouble, and their mommy and daddy take things away. So in my experience, I've seen alot of kids get servers, then drop them really quick. So if your looking for staying customers it may not be the best market to get into.
    Stephen Bazemore

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    That isn't totally true. Most people who order the gaming servers, are 16-22. I wouldn't exactly classify them as kids, I personally, am 15. I have a gaming server, along with 2 hosting services, costing me 180 a month. My parents get pissed off at me, they don't take it away. They can't really, I don't use their credit card

    Most people who are 14 (Kids) can't even get their parents to buy a server. And also, they're always like, I can't afford $50 a month. Then when you suggest the fact that, if 10 people (in the clan(or group of people)) we're to split it, it would be 5 bux each, and you could send $25 to the one person, and bam, you have 5 months prepaid or so.

    Young kids, who get servers, are responsible, because they have to be responsible enough, and smart enough, to either a) persuade their parents to buy the gaming server WITH their credit card or B) earn enough money, and fedex it every month.

    I know more people who are 20, that are more like. WHY IS MY PING HIGHER THAN 20?

    Because people who are kids, 12-14, actually have enough interest in computers, to motivate themselves, to learn about them.

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    I make more on game server hosting then I do on regular hosting. While the market has gotten saturated in the last 12-15 months. I still think it can be a good business!

    I am even think about getting a full cabinet co-loed with 100% Internap and leasing 2-3 dozen 1U servers for just this! That way I can finally migrate all my clients to one central location and have them on the best connectivity possible!

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