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    Any Robert Jordan fans here ? The Wheel of Time ?


    Fellow fans, tomorrow is yet another awesome day, the next book in the WoT series is coming out!

    I've already pre-ordered, and can't wait till I get my hands on it!

    Think I've read the whole series at least 4 times, and thinking about starting again before I read the new one.

    I simply love this series!

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    I used to be a fan of his writing, but the length of time between books totally turned me off to the series. Seeing this thread got me to thinking about what the last book was about, and the sad part is that I couldn't remember. Add to that how convoluted his storylines are, and at least in my estimation, there are much better authors out there.

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    Used to be, but then the book went from a fantasy book to a documentary after the 2nd book. So ....
    1. Mmmmm food...

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