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    What do you think about hiring important employes?

    Hi guys,

    I am thinking it is good or not to hire important employee,like server admins based on outsourcing type. When you work in one country, but hiring server admin in another country. But i am not talking about India, otherwise maybe anyone know good admins in India?

    So what do you think about it? Maybe somebody have experience?

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    I personally prefer to see local area employees rather than those located outside the country. Our own company hires in the Dallas, Texas (USA) area.

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    I think it depends on your budget, needs, and projected growth.

    I second the recommendation to look locally first. I think you'll be surprised at the quality you can find and you'll probably have a better rapport with those people, as well.

    I think outsourcing can be useful for supplementing your existing team - whether it's for a solo admin or a management service. Have you considered managed services?
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    I understand, but I've never tries about managed services. What price is good enough? When I am a startup?

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    I also recommend hiring local vs. remote employees; though, for a start up it is typically recommended to outsource until you have the revenue stream to hire and keep employees.

    Thank you.
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    I think alot of it is simply finding a hard working individual regardless of remote or local. As long as they have the desire to work with you.
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    Thank you for your answers. How about salary, money for them?

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    That would highly depend on the position, duties, requirements, etc. Lay out what exactly you are looking for and others may be able to assist you further. There are also many salary range related threads here in the running your hosting business section, take a look at the search feature to find those past posts. Good luck! - A worldwide leader in Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting.

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    Hiring decisions and results thereof do not depend on geographical boundaries or whether the hirer or hired are in the same country or not. On the contrary, they depend on how you laid out your requirements and whether the one you hired was the right person for the job or not.
    That said, I've managed Operations of a multinational hosting company for 3 years and know this from personal experience

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