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    Helm 4.0.20 Backup and Restore Tool problem SP1

    Its a long time I upgrade my server to .net 3.5 SP1 and I can't use this tool, does anybody have an idea to solve this problem?

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    Check in Helm forums. I believe there are some topics about that. Or search in KB of Parallels. Basically, you will need to run a patch for Helm 4.0 if installed .NET 3.5

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    I don't know what but I can't register on helm Forum, I tried many times, I send mail to forum admin and no result for this.
    AND I know there is a patch for helm 4 and ASP.Net 3.5 sp1 but its just for control panel and not work for this tool.

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    You should open a support ticket with parallels or search their kb for the patch.

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