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    Godaddy Registrar - VPS

    So I'm fairly new to the whole VPS thing, so stay with me.

    I have a domain registered and parked at I have a VPS with another company. I want to set the domain name to resolve to my VPS ip.

    I understand that I can create my own nameservers on my VPS and edit godaddy accordingly however what is preventing me from using godaddys nameservers and just changing the @ record to point to the VPS IP?

    Wouldn't this be the better option as I can turn off the nameserver service on my VPS and save some resources?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    If you're not using the Godaddy email (or any other service) linked to that domain name, then there really isn't anything stopping you from changing the A record to be the VPS' IP.

    But make a note of what the current IP is before you change it, just in case there are any undesirable side-effects and you have to swap back.
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    Thanks I'll give it a try.

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    Personally from experience I would recommend creating your own nameservers within your VPS (or within Godaddy nameserver function but forwarded to your IP). It would just make things easier to deal with when it comes to total dns control. This is only beneficial if you plan on utilizing extra features like maybe a mail service, or pretty much anything that's going to allow you to experience the full functionality of your VPS. I'm not a fan of godaddy's interface, so being able to control everything related to my websites from one place, is useful.

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