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    mysql storage question?

    Hi all

    A hosting company is providing me with 1 Gb space for mysql databases. I want to know that how MUCH is that space for me.?

    I will run a website on this hosting containing one database containing probably 20 tables(7fields max). Each table will contain around 1000 entries.

    Will this 1Gb mysql storage meet this specs?


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    If you don't host images in your database, your DB should be something around 2MB - 20MB.

    1GB of database space is a lot (unless you host files in the DB, which I seriously doubt.)
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    The 'show table status' statement in mysql will help you figure out how much if space you're going to use per row.

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    ya, thanks. I've checked the storage from phpmyadmin. Thanks all.

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    Basically - if you go over 1Gb of data; either you have an unusually large data set, or you're storing binary files in your database.

    Storing images and other files in a database, while possible, should be discouraged for performance reasons - it's much quicker to access a file directly on the filesystem than it is to pull it out of a database. If you need to keep a database of files, simply put all the files in one directory and reference them in the database by filename.

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