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    Question Suggest -- shared host US $2 - $3/mon

    I have about 10 html pages to host. A few pictures. My only requirement,
    really, is a stable service. And if it's not stable, quick response time.

    Can anyone suggest a Historically Proven reliable host with Good, round
    the clock, Customer Service?

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    Note to user: not stable, quick response time do not go hand in hand, it will be not stable, and slow response time that go hand in hand.

    So try to get something that's reliable and in business for some time. Stability comes from reliability & vice versa.

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    I suppose you need to look thorugh the offers here. lot of the companies there will be able to suit you7r needs.
    Good luck

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    Thread cleaned.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bihira View Post
    Try the Find a Host button at the top.
    Quote Originally Posted by SiberForum View Post
    I suppose you need to look thorugh the offers here. lot of the companies there will be able to suit you7r needs.
    Good luck
    Both are good resources. You should also do a few searches on prospective hosts once you find them. You should be able to dig up some reviews on here, as well as any old downtime threads and see how they were handled.


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    Check the companies in the offers section and their track record.

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    If you really want a good and reliable 24/7 customer service, you might to raise your budget more, to be able to get the service that you want. =) Cheap means less quality sometimes.

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    How are you getting on with your search for a host ?

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    Remember, you pretty much get what you pay for, so if you need reliability you might consider raising your budget a bit.
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    @ poster

    I think you have to up your budget a little bit because you don't want to compromise quality for anything.

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    There are many web hosting companies that offer insane deals about this time of year... just shop around.
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    Static pages, not much at all? - I paid probably $0.23 for half a year

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