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    * I buy developed web sites

    If you have developed web sites with Google PR ranking or listed, I am interested in buying them.

    My budget is up to $2,000

    Please Reply or PM me.

    Thank You.
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    Toronto, Canada

    Average 2000- unique visitors per month, top 60,000 websites in Canada.

    Site is fully developed minus the forums.

    Main page forwards to Sedo selling page. Navigate through:

    Contact me back through PM or this forum.

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    It's nice how your page is hacked after you click order...
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    It only comes up with a "hacked" page when you press the free hosting signup due to it forwards you to the forums which were never completed, I was just testing a script to see how hard it would be to hack.

    If you go to any of the other plans sign up you will see how we have incorporated WHMCS to fit our website design.

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    I'll sell for the right price. 2500 unique already this month, over 5000 unique last month so you can see it's growing popularity.
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    I have this one for sale Not much traffic ~100 last month because it wasn't promoted but it has 2 PR4, 2 PR2 and some PR1 pages.

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    small site available


    150-200 uniques a month. made $50 affiliate sales since july and $15 adsense. hardly put any work into it im sure you could get much more traffic with a little work.

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    I'm looking for developed web sites that are generating revenue, and that have a well documented history of generating revenue.
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    what kind of money are you making from these sites on a monthly basis?
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