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    Hiring many staff members. Possible pays

    Hello, let me just start off by introducing my company.
    Http:// --- Team Wars Gaming

    I recently opened up a Gaming ladder. If you dont know what this is its a site where clans signup and play other clans on seasonal ladders. We also offer a host of prizes for tournaments and such. Similar to Gamebattles

    With a site like this there are a lot of staff required to oporate each ladder successfully and correctly.

    All Positions are entry level but if you prove that you can make a positive impact on the site you can be Promoted. Anybody that helps enough to run the site will receive a portion of all profits.

    Open Postions

    Human Resources - Your job is basicly customer service on the site. You are also responsible for interviewing staff that they are fit for the job.
    Staff Development-After human resources interview a staff and gives them the ok it is your job to ready the staff member for his job. This includes rules for assigned ladder, teaching them everything in staff control panel, and also how to deal with different types of issues.
    Vice Squad- The Job of Vice Squad is basically the police on our site. They are responsible with dealing with cheaters and people violating our rules. They are also responsible for doling out punishments for violations. eg. strikes and bans.
    Platform Admins-Platform, xbox360 and ps3, admins are responsible for Managing that platform and all ladders/staff underneath it.
    Ladder Admins-The job of a ladder admin is similar to a platform admin except it is only on one specific ladder rather then an entire platform
    Ladder Referees-One of the most important but must underrated positions. You are the person that is contacted if something goes wrong on a match eg someone cheated, lagged out, or didn't come to the match. You are responsible for solving in game issues and awarding wins when match is called early.

    Most of these positions are ladder specific so please make sure you include a ladder

    *If you are interested but the game ladder you play is not on the site please let us know we will create the ladder for you.

    If you are interested in any of these positons sign up on the site and submit a staff request.
    Please note that we do all staff interviews through SKYPE so please Make sure you have it downloaded because it is free.

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    ARe you using a low level free subdomain for your network ?

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    What exactily do you mean by this?

    Ohh sorry yes as of right now we are we are still waiting for the domains to allocate
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    Sent you a PM.
    Joshua G.

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    Ok thank you i sent one back.

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    I have applied on your site under the username dkraklan.
    North Carolina Remote Hands | Dacentec | Hickory | Asheville | Charlotte | North Carolina

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    I just did the same under Tyler

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