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    vBulletin forum on vps help

    My site has outgrown my current host and I'm strongly leaning towards a vps. I am relatively inexperienced with web hosting as for the last 18 months I've had very few issues with my current host ( They are currently saying my site is very memory and processor intensive which is why I'm going to have to leave them soon(I can't pay the dedicated server prices that would give my site the stability I desire).

    About my site:
    My site has 18,000+ users, its about 18 months old. 5,632 threads, 78,967 posts. It used about 150gig of bandwidth last month. The site is growing quickly (IMO). The site makes some money, but not enough to justify spending what it would cost for a dedicated server.

    I'm happy to provide any other information, but what I am looking for is suggestions on:
    1) Is a VPS the right choice for my site in your opinion.
    2) What hosting company's would you suggest I look into.
    3) How much ram/processor speed should I be looking for
    4) any other information you feel I should know about this.

    Thank you all so much for any assistance you provide.

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    whats your budget should you go with a dedicated server?

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    I'm paying $70 per month right now for a semi-dedicated server, and that's on the high end of my budget.

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    I think a good quality VPS would be appropriate for your forum and a server with 1GB dedicated RAM will be fine (I'm assuming you have <500 users concurrently?), though consider a bit more for expansion (or check with your provider if it's easy to scale up). CPU should not be an issue assuming the provider uses current-gen hardware and don't overload their nodes/have abusive users. RAID storage will be beneficial for shared-user database performance.
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    Unless you are using too many heavy plugins, you should do fine on ServInt's Essential or Signature VPS

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    We have a few clients with very similar requirements and they're running quite well on 768MB VPSs - so I'd suggest you look for something about that size. If you plan on using Apache instead of nginx, litespeed, or lighttpd you'll want to look for a VPS with more RAM.
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    $70 per month is enough to get a VPS with 1GB RAM, adequate CPU and disk space. From what else you are describing, your application should run fine on such an account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seatbelt99 View Post
    I'm paying $70 per month right now for a semi-dedicated server, and that's on the high end of my budget.
    You can easily find a VPS with 1GB RAM for less than $70/month. Take a look at the VPS offers section here

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    I'm looking at this from FutureHosting. What do you think, it seems like a great deal to me.

    Titanium VPS - Choice of Managed Plesk, cPanel or Unmanaged No control panel
    - 50 GB SA-SCSI Disk Space
    - 650GB bandwidth - 1300GB After CSO offer!
    - Full root access - Install the software you want
    - 2 Dedicated IPs
    - 1024 MB SLM RAM - 2048MB After CSO offer!
    - Plesk (10 domain) or cPanel (unlimited)
    - Private Network Option
    - Future Protect - 2 Hour Backups - FREE
    - cPanel/Plesk Managed - Starting at: $89.95/month $53.97/mo after discount!

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    That should definitely be good for you; be sure to get a managed host that will help you set things up for you and you should be fine

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