Why Us ?

High Performance Hosting - For Real !
We are proud to base our containers on LiteSpeed to deliver your website in the speed of lite ! LiteSpeed has great advantages over Apache and provides a real high performance hosting experience.

Not the usual shared server environment
We have isolated resources to guarantee a great hosting experience. This also isolates any conflicts within the whole-server neighborhood.

We Think Different !
Most companies boast about how big their client base is. We proudly have a modest amount, so that we can focus on quality rather than quantity.

Your storage space is yours!
If you are paying for storage space you are entitled to use it in anyway you want it. Since we do not oversell, we allow our customers to storage their files and use their space available in anyway they want as long as the content ir legal and does not violate our Terms Of Service. After all, they are paying for it !

Daily OnSite - Offsite Backups
Your data is important to us. We do daily on-site backups and take them off-site for maximum protection.

We are prepared to guard your web sites
Our servers are locked down. Our setup provides many additional services and modifications to the default Operating System and CPanel installation. Read More

Our coupon:

12 coupons for our Reseller Package with 40% off your first month or first year. It applies to your first payment

Use "promo40R" while ordering our Reseller hosting plan on a monthly or annual billing cycle and you will get 40% off your first payment !

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