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    Auction software

    Extremely sorry if something similar has been posted before!

    Does any Auction software exist?

    I am relatively new to web design and have been looking at the E-Commerce software packages on my Simple Scripts account and from what I can tell none have the ability to host auctions. So, is there any auction software out there?

    Thanks again, any help is appreciated!

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    There are hundreds of Auction scripts available on the internet just gotta use google

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    You can also check our new solution:
    enuuk Auction platform
    from phpAuction

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    We are not affiliate with this site, but is worth checking out. It's a wordpress plugin. There's also plugins that can syndicate your auctions from a site like ebay.

    Is your goal to build the next big auction site or will it be for a client that wants to have auctions on their site?
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    The best auction script I've ever seen is PHPProBid .

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