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Pertaining to their Server Management Services


I initially contacted AcuNett around 2004 for a Web Hosting company that I was starting. It was back when ThePlanet was selling budget servers under their ServerMatrix brand.

After I purchased the server and did the initial setups, I began searching for a server management company to assist me in server monitoring, securing my server, and disaster recovery. After reading many reviews on WHT and other websites, I decided to try out AcuNett because they were the the only company getting great reviews in their price range.

Right before I purchased their monthly service, ServerMatrix came out with a server promotion. However before I even became a paying client, AcuNett advised me on which server to get from ServerMatrix as well as what type of setup and partitions the server should have in preparation for the long run.

After I purchased the new server, AcuNett went in and optimized, hardened, properly configured everything, and began monitoring my server for down times.

Since then I've had them manage three different servers for me, including one hosting a large Social Community website. Their friendly support had no problem installing anything I needed to get my website running properly.

I've had them install a wide range of things such as flash servers, FFmpeg, Fmpeg-PHP, Mplayer + Mencoder, and so many other things.

They've troubleshooted every issue for me such as server down time, mysql issues, email issues, attacks on my server, broken scripts, etc.

To this date, there hasn't been one thing I've asked to install that they couldn't nor one issue they couldn't resolve.

For certain occasions they even contacted the datacenter hosting my Server directly, to resolve issues or to reboot the server if it was down and they couldn't get a hold of me directly.

Their team is very knowledgeable, kind, and quick to resolve anything. It seems no matter what time of the day I post a question in the support system, I get a response... whether it's 5pm or 5am.

I know this is along post with alot of rambling, but I just want felt like expressing how great the peace of mind they provide me is.

I personally recommend them to anyone looking for a Server Management company. Whether you need small things done here and there, or you want them to fully administer it so you can focus on other business matters.

For the high quality of service they provide, bundled with unlimited Admin hours, and a cheap price... It truly is a miracle. Atleast for me, and how it has helped me expand my business since I was able to focus on more important issues.