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    Xen and CentOS install


    I have installed Xen on my CentOS ded box, and now I'm trying to install a Guest OS, also CentOS using the following command:

    virt-install -p  --prompt  -n CentOS2 -r 512 --file=/vm/centos.img --file-size=15  -l

    Now everything starts, I come to the network screen (right after the language selection), leave everything on default, it says it is trying to configure the network with DHCP for eth0 and then hangs there for a moment a does nothing.

    How do I continue, how do I configure the network correcly.

    I am just starting to learn Xen and would appreciate all the input I get.

    Thank you for your time and answers!

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    I have also tried with:
    virt-install -p --prompt -n Cent2OS2 -r 512 --file=/vm/cent2os.img --file-size=15 -l -b xenbr0

    And it still doesn't work.

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    Go with Citrix XenServer 5.

    The good people over at Citrix have made it all free now.

    Then you can easily administer it with XenCenter (also free!).

    You'll love it. I can't recommend it enough.

    Here's the link:
    Jerald @ Acenet
    Web Hosting, Reseller Plans, Virtual Servers & Dedicated Servers.

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    Thank you for the reccomendation, but there are few set backs for me to do this:
    * Host doesn't have XenServer in stock
    * KVM interface too expensive at the moment

    I have rented out a small ded box to learn about Xen..

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    Try using something other than virt-install (like Xen-tools (xen-create-image), or ApplianceKit (a free product made by systeminplace), or mount a CD image, VNC in, and do the install that way.

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