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    Dedicated server for host a mp3 search engine

    Hello, i have a mp3 search engine website, i dont host any mp3 file, and i want buy a dedicated from france, but the seller of say its no allowed the mp3 search engine, where i can host that?

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    Well, if you aren't hosting any mp3, then you really should not have an issues ... we know of some clients who have this service in the UK and the USA with no problems ...
    What is the specification of the server you are looking for, your preferred location and budget?

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    Hi, im finding some like this:

    Intel i7 920 (8 cores)
    8GB DDR3
    2 x 1 TB
    RAID 0/1

    and my budget is like 130$ usd monthly. im looking something like a ovh reseller.

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    If you are looking at OVH, I believe OVH does not allow reselling their servers ...
    Are you not able to order from them directly yourself?

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    Hi, no im not able im from mexico, im now on there is a good service, but the problem is the bandwith is only 2000gb monthly and i need more

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    Are you aware that on the server you have quoted, OVH actually will restrict your uplink port speed once you have used 3,000GB of traffic a month, unless you buy more monthly data transfer

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    Hi, yeah, but limit to 10mbps dont suspend the server and if the linea is of 1gbps is after the 10,000 gb bandwith

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    That's not correct. Even if you buy the Gigabit addon it is limited to 10Mbit after 3TB usage...

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    tumbano is right. And the gbit addon is like 30€/month. You will never be able to get that server + gbit port for 130$/month.

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