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    Looking for a cheap Wndows hosting

    Hi!, I have already developed a web system in As.pnet 3.5 with Sql 2000 so I would like to find a Cheap and Good Window hosting that support SQL 2000
    Hearing from you experts

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    Any reason why you are looking for SQL 2000? It might be hard to find a host who is offering SQL 2000 still, that's why I ask.

    I would recommend if possible upgrading the database to SQL 2005 or SQL 2008.

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    Thanks Barry for your reply, you mean the solution for this problem is to upgrade to Sql 2005, well I hope I could no have lots of problem upgrading

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    Do you have a license and install media for SQL Server 2000? If so, its no problem.

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    No I don't have any lincense I think the company that I'm developing could buy the license.

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    SQL2000 is a bit old, its very likely a SQL 2005 or SQL2008 hosting provider can host your DB with you as both products have backwards compatability.

    However a quick search I found a hosting provider who offer SQL 2000 on Windows 2003 with Helm control panel.
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    Spot on.. As Chris mentioned, you should not have any issues in using your SQL 2000 database over SQL 2005/2008. I'd also recommend you to upgrade to SQL 2005/2008 since there are good amount of improvements in later SQL Server database engines which will help you in getting better performance along with flexibility to use newer SQL Server functions.
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    thanks guys for your helps, finaly I have decided to upgrate to sql 2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMalcon View Post
    thanks guys for your helps, finaly I have decided to upgrate to sql 2005
    I honestly think this is the best thing for you. Microsoft is developing newer versions of ASP.NET, MS SQL, Windows server so fast that if you don't keep your web site/application up to date, you will be using technology that is no longer supported.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMalcon View Post
    thanks guys for your helps, finaly I have decided to upgrate to sql 2005
    Have you decided hosting provider for your site yet?
    SQL 2000 database works fine on SQL 2005 server so the upgrade is seemless.
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    thanks PremiumHost for your reply, No I don't buy a hosting provider yet, what you mean that there is no problem working with slq 2000? do u have some tutorials about it?

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    If you haven't decided on what host to go for, you could try checking the offer forum. You might find some good offers there. =)

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