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    Load balancing (techniques and software)

    Hey guys, I want to know what kind of techniques and software you guys are using out there. Be it free or paid.

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    Heartbeat works like a charm if you're looking at an open source solution. Check out

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    There are many technologies out there.

    Check out the Linux Virtual Server project (LVS) or for a paid solution, Zeus technologies provide great hardware and software load balancing solutions.

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    haproxy is another option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IDEALhost View Post
    Heartbeat works like a charm if you're looking at an open source solution. Check out
    Heartbeat is what I currently use. I was wondering if there's anything that would be considered "beter" or more suited for the enterprise.


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    Here are some that I use:

    Nice, lightweight and simple.
    Does TCP or HTTP loadbalancing with failover.
    Combined with heartbeat you can have a secondary take over if the primary fails (never had HAProxy itself fail on me)

    Sun Java System Webserver (or any HTTP reverse proxy)
    A bit complicated to set up at times, I only use it on customer request when they need integration with sjsws through a loadbalancer plugin

    Very good HTTP reverse proxy and webserver; handles thousands of connections with ease.

    Apache mod_proxy
    If your infrastructure is already 100% apache, you might as well stick with it
    I believe this will also work with MPM worker; will try with MPM event when it stabilizes some day.

    One that I didn't try but was interested in:
    Litespeed loadbalancer; Didn't get it because it was expensive (compared to what you get for the money) and I didn't like their license.

    If I need to set something up quickly today, I'd go with HAProxy

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    Don't forget hardware load balancers and Windows NLBS.

    Windows NLBS can outperform a hardware load balancer when used with IIS.

    This was observed when a 8 server site was converted to NLBS from hardware load balancing. Nothing was changed on the boxes except for the installation of the NLBS services.

    If you're running Enterprise, it's there already. No additional license.
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    You dont have to run Enterprise version of Windows to get NLBS. Even a Web edition has it.

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    I'm starting to appreciate Varnish. It's a web accelerator with powerful load balancing capabilities. Try it out.

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    For a polished paid-for product that isn't too expensive to rent I'd suggest Zeus
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