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    Looking for a fresh set of eyes

    ive got some serious issues with my sites code by the looks of it which is causing it to get hacked rathereasily, im suspecting theirs an sql injection hole somewhere in ti but i cant for the life of me see it. im wondering if anyone on here would be willing to look at the code and try and help me fix it/secure it. i cant afford to pay for this (sites non-profit infirst place) but i could offer hosting or a vps server in exchange.

    would be useful if you have an understanding of WML,,XHTML,php,mysql code as thats the languages of the site.

    any help appreciated.


    contact me either on here or via email


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    I could take a look for yah. Please email me ggbkelly(at)gmail(dot)com. Ill be looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Nobody else interested? Still looking

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