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    should I remove old adsense ads before sign-up a new one!

    I am new in the adsense world, I just installed a php script that comes with already built-in adsense from the script publisher, now I want to open an account for adsense ads and submit my website (the script) for review.

    My question is, should I remove all the built in adsense in advance so that google see it clean, or it does not matter to have previous owners ads (temporary).

    I just want to replace the ads rather than remove and the re-submit new ones from mine !

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    if you want point from adsense goes to ur account, then remove ads from script publisher and replace it with your ad code from adsense

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    I think it will be best to remove the adsense code from the script, once approved, then you can go ahead and insert your code.

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