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    Shared hosting which scales


    I have a rather simple site- PHP, mySQL etc. But my site requires a chat program which uses a lot of pinging and mysql queries.

    I wanted to know if there is a shared host which wont go down when my traffic increases. They should not also cut my connection (or deactivate my account etc.)

    i dont mind paying even like 50$ a month provided they are able to maintain this kind of quality. they should have backups etc and shd have atleast 99% uptime.

    i was thinking of mediatemple, they supposedly have mysql container auto scaling or something.

    i have a decent traffic site with an alexa rank of about 50k.

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    Why don't you consider a VPS server? with a budget of 50$ a month, that would be the best choice.

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    MediaTemple would be a good choice for premium hosting.

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    For a chat program I also would generally suggest a VPS or at the least a very high end shared hosting account.
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    With a budget like than you could definitely afford a descent vps package. Which in my opinion is always better than shared hosting.

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