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    Changing webhosts

    Hi all,

    I'm changing my webhost after getting screwed around with countless downtimes and now their own site is completely down.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a new host, and had been looking at alot of review sites. After looking at a few of them, found that they were obviously fakes with almost 100% good reviews for some hosts, completely dissing some other hosts, and the complete opposite on some other sites.

    Looking for recommendations for your own host, do state your site too so I can try out the response.

    * excellent uptime
    * responsive support + live support chat
    * h-sphere preferred, but not a must have (I like having subdomains in directories at the same level as domains)
    * does not ridiculously overload their servers (well, who can tell?)
    * good site response time
    * budget at 10usd per month
    * allows many domains/sites, no need for super high bandwidth as I just host many small sites
    * PHP with .htaccess access + imagemagick/gd

    Some hosts I had been looking at:,,,,

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    It is a nice budget on your requirements.
    And I would say,hostmonster's support is very helpful and responsive.I called some times on some issues,got solved greatly fast and complete.
    hostgator would be perfect if you do not mind their unlimited.
    bluehost,I am not sure,some reviews are positive the same time some got negative.
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    4,156 and offer H Sphere web hosting.

    If you're willing to switch to cPanel or DirectAdmin that will give you a lot more choices.
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    Hi guys

    Thanks for the input. I'm good with cPanel too, H-Sphere was just a preference because I liked the directory layout.

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    You criteria is fair and it should be easy to find your next host.

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    How much disk space and bandwidth do you need?

    Do you have a preference of data center location, for example Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, etc.?
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    I would recommend IGXhost. They are treating me very well.

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    Hi guys

    I need about 2+GB of storage (email+web), bandwidth should be minuscule but won't balk at more, as most of the sites are for testing with only 1 or 2 small business sites.

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    Your requirements sounds reasonable and matches your budget well.

    Any reason for you to go with an unlimited host? That is one of the reason you are facing these issues.

    Besides that, you should check the legitimate review of hosting providers at places like , WebHostingBoard.Net, HostJury, Google, etc. Be sure to avoid those "top 10 sites" as they are normally full of fake reviews and affiliate links.
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    Have you tried checking the offer section forum? You might see some offers there that matches your budget.

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    519 and offer H Sphere web hosting.
    Add Cartika Hosting to that list as they offer H-Sphere and have a solid reputation.

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    Almost all the host names you are considering are popular enough and I do not expect you to have any troubles with them. Most of them are selling "unlimited" so the disc space quota is not an issue... I think you'd get better advice if you post more details about your websites and tell the WHT members about you project.

    Most people look at the web hosting service from the tech side only, but it is much better to discuss some non-tech aspects of your project.
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