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    Rackspace cloud management and security issue


    I have a rackspace cloud which I was hoping someone/some service can manage for me. I have all the basic stuff installed, but as soon as the number of users increases slightly, my server goes down (i.e. apache starts giving a 403 forbidden error). So i need someone to optimize my apache and mysql server. also, i need someone to make it secure. i dont mind paying a monthly fee for the whole thing (definitely not more than 100 a month).

    i am really concerned about security issues. will this company download all my information? i have lot of information like e-mails, customer information, copyrighted software etc. i dont want the company to download it etc. how do i trust a company?

    thank you for your time

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    It's hard to say if they will or not. I have personally seen other companies read their customers email while I'm logged in.
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    I suggest one that will use a different support URL for you and your clients. Keep in mind its a server they have to login but you can also view log files of stuff they did.

    I suggest if I can using

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    When you turn the keys over so to speak to an admin company you have to be able to trust them. There is nothing to prevent them from going through your information. Same goes for a remote backup company if you don't encrypt the information.

    If you are very worried you could always ask to have the company sign an NDA agreement. Many of our larger clients require this and it has never been an issue.
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