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    Special WHT specials | Acidsketch Studio | Custom Web & Graphic Design and more!

    Hey WHT community!

    Acidsketch Studio has recently launched and is offering all of our services at a discounted price to all WHT members! We offer a wide range of multimedia designs, take a look below for more information:

    Web Site Designs (Designs + Coding or just Designs)
    We will do website designs consisting of just a design and let you handle the programming or let us do the design and programming. We will work with you to make a clean and professional design that fits your business well. Flash animations can also be included into our web designs. We also can do some script installation for you which consists of but not completely limited too: Forum software: vBulletin, IPB, phpBB, etc), Blogging software such as Wordpress or other Blogging software.

    We offer starter packages to keep things simple, but still clean and professional looking for those new businesses trying to identify themselves that don't want to spend too much. These packages are cheaper, these packages are meant to be more simple and cheaper compared to our more interactive design approach, but great for fresh businesses with a tight budget!

    Graphic Design
    We can design your businesses logos or other graphic needs whether they are business card designs, advertisement designs, or another graphic needs!

    Flash Animation
    Whether you want to have some flash animation put into your web design, or you want something separate like a flash advertisement banner, we will handle it. We do flash work for many different cases; navigation menus and buttons on websites, full flash website designs, flash banners (used for websites or ads), you name it!

    We also offer illustration work, whether it will be used in your web or graphic designs or completely off the internet. We have worked with a few clients who actually had their illustrations used on their websites.

    To take advantage of this promotion
    If your interested in our services and would like to setup a consultation to discuss what you'd like done and your from WHT, you can take advantage of our lowered deals. Simple let us know your a WHT member when your contacting us and we'll gladly recognize it!

    So what makes Acidsketch Studio different?
    Sure we are a new company that's jumping into the multimedia business and there are many to choose from now, but we try to do things differently then many of them. To many of them overbook on clients or just offer terrible support to their clients. We want to make a better impression then they do, we will strive to always offer friendly support to our clients that's reachable almost all day, and if it's an emergency, we'll make sure you have a way to always reach us. We will also make sure we never overbook on clients work, clients don't deserve to wait well over their deadline for work they are paying money for to benefit their business. You will get a time-line, along with constant updates on how your project is coming. All of our clients get the same one on one consultation, to make sure it's only you and the designer discussing your project. This way both of you can agree on it and come out to a creative solution to your design.

    Why choose Acidsketch Studio to do your design?
    We recognize the fact that we are a new company and understand it if out clients want to learn more about us. Our goal is to deliver our clients a design that not only fits their needs and wants, but sticks out from all of their competition, and satisfies their customers. We will always work with our clients, even on weekends, to ensure their goals are met. We are working hard to create a larger, friendly client base as well, so were always friendly when discussing the design and the quote with them!

    Contact us today with any questions or interests!

    For contact information click here to contact us through our contact information or forms. Feel free to also drop a private message by here on WHT if you would like!
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    Do you need anymore designers or illustrators?

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