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    Question About 'Freelance' Support

    I'm in the process of migrating some stuff to a new VPS. Some things I can do myself, some the provider has offered to help with (Future Host), but there are a number of little issues and tasks that I either don't have the time for, or aren't confident in doing myself.

    I'd like to 'hire' a freelancer. Can anyone give me an idea what a going rate for doing some general WHM/cPanel tasks might be?



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    I think alot would depend on what you need done. If you need small tasks complete chances are you can get a 'per' project cost. If there is a great deal of tasks that need to be complete you may need to pay 'per' hour.

    Without knowing exactly what you need done I think it will be hard to tell you an overall rate. Best of luck!
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    Thanks Lindi,

    There are a lot of 'miscellaneous' tasks, such as setting up domains and re-pointing the nameservers from other providers (Godaddy, 1and1, Namecheap), setting up email on some current domains, etc.

    What I'm wondering is if there are general 'going rates' for these sorts of tasks, maybe on a per-hour basis.


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