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clean tableless coded WHMCS integrated Web Hosting Design template..

Professional Web Hosting template Design Fully Tableless XHTML/HTML Coded and WHMCS integrated

For Sale:
This is a clean Web hosting template Design.


Price? PM me your best offer so we can review it.

The complete files consists of :

1 index.psd file (Photoshop frontpage template Design, fully layered driven and grouped up for easy finding, and propertly sliced)
1 index html file (frontpage tableless coded)
1 subpage html file (hosting subpage for you to duplicate and add your own content to create other pages for the site, ie: reseller plans, dedicated plans, about us, etc...)
1 style.css file (Validated Style sheet content page)
1 images folder (all the template's required graphics)
1 website short instructions html file

Plus the WHMCS integration tpl files including the css for theme and orderform

The main frontpage, and subpage are already prepopulated with content and are easy to edit via html editor.

plase view the images here:

Index page: view image

Subpage: view image

WHMC Integration Preview:
WHMC Portal: view image

WHMC Login Area: view image

WHMC Client Area: view image

WHMC services: view image

WHMC Invoice: view image

WHMC Shopping cart: view image

The subpage is ready for you to ad your own content.

Q: If i need to edit the website text content via html editor?
A: Yes, the webiste files has been coded in a way that you can actually edit the text of pretty much 90% of the website pages content including the footer text and links,

Q: Is there a live demo for the site?.
A: No, no live demo

Q: Is there a logo involved?
A: No, no logo included, the site has a symbolic logo, and this helps only as a reference where you should place your own logo, and for easy setup, if you need need us to incorporate your existing logo to the site, we will be gladly to do it for you, free of charge.

Q: Do you provide any kind of instructions on this website design?
A: Yes, as a matter of fact we do provide a quick short simple guide on this website design, it will tell basic information on how the website was designed, references about the .css etc..

Q: Can I hire you to complete the full website based on this temple?
Ofcourse, you can hire us to make a full website base on this template, we can customize it for you and add the remaining pages with your own content text. Please PM me for a quote.

Thank you for visiting

Please note: this is a digital delivery or download only, and due of digital goods all sales are final, no refunds due of its nature of the product being sold.
Paypal payment from veified paypal member Only

Any other questions or want to hire us for your next project? feel free to PM me