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    Anyone here own a Exchange Hosting company?

    I'd like to speak to someone that is in the Exchange Hosting business about how to get started, what the costs are etc. I have called Microsoft but they can't seem to get me the right department.


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    You would need a SPLA contract from microsoft so you can pay per mailbox.

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    Buy a server and configure it. You could always outright buy Exchange 2007 or 2003. If im not mistaken the mailboxes are based on CAL licenses of the OS.

    PM me for more info ill try to explain what i know.

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    How about becoming a reseller of another hosted exchange provider like mail2web or

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    My company owns and operates this service. I'm happy to tell you how we got it up and running. PM me.

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    ClearData, I think because you only have 4 posts I can't PM you. So try to contact me if you would, david AT I'm just looking at doing Exchange hosted services. I'm looking at the software from
    Beenanza, LLC

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    Contact Microsoft is a bad idea. Microsoft hosts Exchange itself.
    To start Exchange hosting, all you need is a dedicated server.
    Cybercon Data Center serving businesses worldwide for dedicated hosting since 1995

    * Low cost enterprise class VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V Private Cloud hosting.
    * Dedicated Server Hosting with Hardware RAID - KVM over IP Access - UnMetered Bandwidth - Low Cost

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    Who do you think makes the Microsoft Exchange product?
    Justin Yancey | Northern Virginia & District of Columbia |

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    You could alway try the direct reseller route through Microsoft (I am a Microsoft Online Services Partner). It's called BPOS and retail on the seats is only 10USD and includes Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Live Meeting and Office Communicator. Minimum purchase is 5 Seats.

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