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    Secondary DNS server for free


    What secondary DNS provider would you recommend ?

    I'm looking for a provider who would allow me to set sec DNS for couple of doamins and who would allow DNS custom propagation time.

    What I mean is, lot of free providers guarantee that zone is updated every 15 minutes. Even in control panel you've got you can see that serial is different and sometimes update time is longer than 24h!

    I need to have a possibility to setup on the master TTL to 5 mins and I need to be sure that if I will send a notify to the slaves zone will be updated straight away (not every 15 mins). The point is I will move the servers soon, and my current provider (free) pretends to update the zone every 15 minutes, but in the control panel changes are applied after 24h. It's unacceptable for me in case when I set the propagation time to 5 minutes (to keep the lowest downtime possible), and I can't be sure that it will work as I want to.

    So what free DNS service would you recommend ?

    Thank you for your help and advice in advance.


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