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    question that needs an answer!

    sorry, but i'm new to the whole webhosting thing. but yeah, here's my situation:

    i've been with a hosting company for a few months now. i signed up for a year with them, and along with that, they gave me a free domain. all went well, till they experienced many server problems. today, they decided that they're going to dicontinue their service. i'm fine with that. but my question is.. what will happen to my domain name? i've checked verisign and they're reporting that my domain is still taken. is the domain mine to keep, or is it dead?

    thanks in advance!

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    The company still has it registered and in their possesion. You will have to contact them to see if they are going to give it back to you.

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    When you do a whois on the domain name, who comes up as the Admin contact, who as the Billing contact? If their name comes up as both, then they "own" the domain, and you must either have them transfer it to you, or buy it from them, or wait until it lapses and then try to buy it before someone else does.

    Did your former host give you any indication that you would own the domain, or did they say that it was free for your exclusive use while you hosted with them? Much may depend on what was stated when you started hosting with them.

    If nothing was said one way or the other about who owns the domain name...see my first paragraph. And best of luck to you! That is a situation I wouldn't ever want to be in.

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    As cheap as domains are/ why do people fall for this?
    No, it is not me!
    No, I did not do it!

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    Either lack of knowledge of where to get domains for low prices, or greed at another freebie.

    Judging from this person's wording, I'd say he's firmly in the first camp: simple ignorance. Annoying, but the condition goes away with time and experience.

    teknotek83, do you know about GoDaddy? Domains for $8.95 a year, or pay $70 and own the domain for a decade? Check it out.

    When you change hosts, you just change the DNS information with GoDaddy to whatever your new host tells you. Then, you have your domain pointing at their nameservers, but you own the domain.

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    Did they give you the domain out a "stable" of names or did you choose it and register it with them?

    Like posted earlier, do a whois (use or look up and see who the contacts are for Owner, Admin, Tech.

    Chances are, if they are going out of business, they may not fight you for the domain.

    Care to tell us who they are? We are looking to buy other web hosting companies.


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