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    My problems with GemWebHosts.

    Below is a collection of entries on a support ticket that has been going on for days. So much for their claim to 24/7 support - this ticket has taken days, with many hours between their responses:

    I have "begged" them for aid, and feel it is my duty to share this low level of service with the public.

    Mike McCord
    Client 23/10/2009 05:56

    Please review these prior tickets pertaining to dedicated ip addresses. I have, and find that none of the identified ip

    addresses seem to pertain to my account.

    Please - urgently - correct this situation, email me the correct ones, and tell me which ip address to use for WHM and
    cPanel operations.

    I feel that I have been paying for 2 dedicated addresses that I have not had the use of - If so, please apply financial credit to this account

    Please expedite your action on this ticket.


    IP Address:

    Mike McCord
    Client 23/10/2009 11:34

    Please????????????? I need this resolved.


    Mike McCord
    Client 25/10/2009 06:32

    2 days and still no assistance. Not even a response! You guys must be small part timers.

    My next request for aid will be publically on the Web Hosting Talk site. That's where I responded to your advertisement -

    That must be where I need to go to get aid.


    s nizar
    Staff 26/10/2009 12:49

    hi can i know what is the issue you want the ips to be assigned to specifc domains please let us know the domain names

    Mike McCord
    Client 26/10/2009 13:53

    My first request was for you to review the prior tickets on this account - apparantly you did not do that.

    Please view the attached (July 2009) *.jpg file showing the original assigment of 2 dedicated ip addresses to this account -

    by you.

    ((One ip is "dedicated to my account, and all my assigned domains share it, except for the one domain assignment I can

    make to provide one specific domain its own dedicated ip address. If I need other dedicated ip domains, I will rent

    additional ip addresses from you.))

    Although you said these are mine, These are not dedicated to me:
    - xx.xx.xx.228 links to (Not Mine)
    xx.xx.xx.229 links to (again, not mine.)

    How can this be if these are dedicated ip ddresses?

    We went thru this in the beginning - WHM is where the individual assignment of ip's can be made - by me.

    I do not want to be dependent upon you for ip assignment.

    Please resolve asap!



    Mike McCord
    Client 26/10/2009 22:46

    There is no reason for you to take this long to reply. This is NOT rocket science.

    You guys either ignore the difficult issues, or are just so small of an outfit to have the technical expertise.

    Your website says 24/7 support. Where is it???

    I tried your website "LIVE" support. What a joke. They do not even know about your reseller plans and were of NO help.


    Mike McCord
    Client 27/10/2009 07:11

    It sure looks like you do not want to (or cannot) service this account. It is not what I ordered, and not what you advertised. I cannot use it. Since you have NOT delivered what was offered in the original advertisement on WHT, why don't you just

    send me a refund, and we go our seperate ways...Your web site 24/7 service clain is not being delivered...

    Lets get this over with in the next 4 hours...


    s nizar
    Staff 27/10/2009 07:22

    please give me the two url wich you want the dedicated ip to be assigned

    Mike McCord
    Client 27/10/2009 07:45

    If you will read this open ticket, you will understand just how insulting and stupid (yes, I am now convencied that you people

    are stupid) your last entry is. You people cause more problems than you solve.

    I do not want to be dependent on you for ip assignment. I have already explained all this TWICE!!!

    Fix it or refund it!!


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