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    does such a software exist?

    I am looking to sell a service. I am looking for a software or script, somewhat like a cart but simpler.

    I need it to allow users to sign up, pay, then they will have an account they can login to,to change details, recieve messages, etc.
    The signup page should be editable, so I can put some custom fields for them to fill out when registering.

    Any recommendations?

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    WHMCS does what you are looking for and the script is fairly easy to update if you have an understanding of how smarty works.
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    I would suggest FoxyCart. It is a cart, but a very simple cart, and it handles subscriptions. It consists of only a cart and checkout, but integrates with other systems. Be warned though that it was designed for use by designers and developers, and if you don't know JavaScript, you would probably need to hire someone to set you up, unless you ended up using straight out of the box.

    It basically works by having all the product details on your own webpage, and none in the FoxyCart system, and you would send over links with the product attributes and name, subscription frequency and price built in.

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    WHMCS looks great! exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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    No problem Glad I could help.
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