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    DDOS Mitigation service.

    I am looking for a DDOS protection service, a truly ddos mitigation system that must be able to handle big syn floods.

    I investigated gigenet proxyshield but it costs about 1000 USD/month the less expensive price for a 20-40/mbits protection per month.

    So.. do you know any other less expensive alternatives to gigenet?


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    You will have to move your servers over to the said provider if you want protection, as many will not offer a proxy-like service where you can host your server somewhere else.

    How many packets per second are you receiving?
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    How large of syn floods? Rack911 has been developing their service for some time now, and can handle quite large syn floods, with our proxy service.
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    There are several providers around that can offer pricing much less expensive. If you can do without a lot of the bells and whistles and you want a service that truly works, do some further looking. Check the offers sections.
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