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    Do I really need a control panel?

    Ok all I'm going to do is a buy a VPS with Windows Server, configure IIS to point it to my website for a folder and tell my domain provider to point my domain to my server IP.

    Based on this simple setup, sorry for the n00b question but is there really a need for me to pay for a control panel?

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    Well to tell you the truth it would make some things alot easier and if its for hosting then most clients are going to want a good controle panel

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    Hi Team Wars Ladder, thanks, but I don't understand as only I will use the server. The website I am creating will be for some other use but will be hosted on the VPS. The control panel only helps me setup the server right? Which is going to be so simple - as all I'm going to do is setup IIS point it to a folder where my pages are.

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    Things will just be much easier.... When we started in 2000, we did everything by hand and it simply got to crazy....

    We use PLESK today for our windows and Linux Servers and will never go back.

    We offer PLESK to each one of our customers and we try to steer them in that direction as it would simply make life easier on them and on us.

    On the average, our support tickets that come in from clients that we have installed PLESK, come in with pretty simple requests.

    While the clients that have decided to go rogue and do it manually, come in with crazy support requests that they couldnt figure out and have asked our team to see what we can do.

    All in All, once your site is live and you are working on your daily routines, you really dont want to be messing around with custom web admin tasks when a control panel can just do it for you.....

    just my 2cents.
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    If you are running a single site, IIS will likely be fine. Control panels just automate and simplify tasks. It all depends on how much time you like spending doing things and how efficient you need to be.

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    thanks so much guys that answers my question

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