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    does mod-rewrite consume ram ??

    does mod-rewrite consume ram ??
    actually found in new vb discussion of seo friendly urls and mod rewrite was an option for most friendly url, so wanted to know if constant usage of mod-rewrite adds additional load to the server or not ??

    forum which I and my friends use are pretty big more than 6k in a forum and other above 25k, with 250k posts in 1 forum and 600k posts in the other, so just give me an idea on wat can happen due to constant overwritten ??

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    Any additional DSO (Dynamic Shared Object) will consume more RAM per apache process. This is usually a trivial amount of RAM unless you're using additional caching modules or other memory intensive modules.

    In your case, mod_rewrite may already be compiled in to your current running version. I would simply test it by adding the following to your .htaccess file:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule ^old\.html$ new.html
    If you make a request to old.html you should be rewritten to new.html.

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    It is so low amount of memory that is could be ignored.

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    It's not going to be enough to bring the server down, though with a heavy-traffic website, I'd always suggest implementing some sort of caching such as xCache to cache frequently accessed content so that it doesn't have to be pulled from the database each page load unless the content has actually changed since the last load.
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    mod_rewrite tends to be more CPU intensive than memory intensive, so you should be fine

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    Though I will say that some of the vbseo software can increase the cpu usage quiet a bit. Most server owners would rather the cpu increase and more traffic though
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    such a small amount there is no reason for concern
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    thanks for the clarification friends, so I can enable mod-rewrite happily

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    Everything consumes CPU and memory. However, if you don't have thousands of different redirect rules, it will be just fine. It will make a similar effect like drinking a cup of water from sea... No one will notice there are less resources now Web Hosting - First class web hosting services.
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