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    Question Do you know an intermidiary bank for uploading & withdrawing funds to any Bank acc ?


    i live in a country where sending funds to international bank accounts is not allowed ( only for VIP),& since i'm intending to start a voip business, i'l be in need to look for an intermidiary online "bank" that will allow others to send me funds from their bank accounts & at the same time allow me to WITHDRAW funds to internationla bank accounts.

    i need a trusted service provider.

    hel p me plz

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    you can always open account outside your home country and send and receive wires there
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    You have several options here depending on where you live and what personal documentation your are able to provide, some of the possible countries are Cyprus, Seychelles and Bahamas.

    Just have in mind some banks requires you to make a intial deposit.

    Almost any of the banks are offering Internet banking in English and are able to receive and send interanational wire transfers.

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