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    Thumbs up Looking for servermanagement team DEBIAN & DIRECTADMIN


    We are looking for good company that can manage our server, our server is DEBIAN with directadmin panel.
    Our server is going offline now every day and we do not know why, are current servermanagement company phantomnoc is not doing anything about it.

    We are looking for company that can give us the following services:
    - help to find reason behind server down every day, without reinstallement
    - debian / directadmin expert
    - can provide daily backup of server +- 5 GIG
    - will watch server 24/7 and if goes down will reactivate within 5 minutes
    - protect server from hackers

    Monthly we will not have more then 1-3 tickets as the server does not have many sites and users
    Please provide solution for us. we will decide on your expertice on how fast you can fix our current issue.



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