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    Need load balanced VPS help!

    Ok I was looking at VPS but I found out they don't support load balancing! ARgh its really annoying because they were perfect, they offered my required spec which is:

    512MB RAM
    10GB space
    500GB monthly transfer (though I'd settle with 300)
    Windows Server 2003 or 2008
    Load Balancing Option
    Fixed IP(s) with support for upto 5 domains

    godaddy don't allow load balancing which will not allow me to scale up in the future.

    Does anyone know of any similar plans 20 or cheaper per month (say cheaper than $35 US dollars) that offer load balancing and similar specs to above? godaddy were cheap and offered all the above for 20 a month (roughly $32) for a 2 year plan.

    Need help! Going live soon!

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    I very much doubt you'll get load-balanced for anywhere near 20pm.

    UK SSD VPS without compromise - upto 250k IOPS !

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    Good Luck finding that kind of service for 20! Rather than a VPS maybe you should look at using a "cloud" service such as what provide!

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    Many places can offer you a load balanced service but there will almost always be a price increase as there is more licensing costs to be paid and more configuration for the host.
    I would look for a cloud service offering shared hosting at that price.
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    how about

    They're run on a cluster of servers - so not sure if thats what you mean by load balanced.

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