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    Plesk Custom Error Pages


    Installed plesk to my Centos VPS , I created Domain , and unselected Custom Error Documents , as i wanted to use htaccess for that since pleask custom error doese not support php files .

    in my htaccess inserted .

    ErrorDocument 400 /error/bad-request.html
    ErrorDocument 401 /error/unauthorised.html
    ErrorDocument 403 /error/forbidden.html
    ErrorDocument 404 /error/file-not-found.html
    ErrorDocument 500 /error/internal-server-error.html

    But when test the errors by visiting un-found page in my site ,i do not get the error 404 page , and banned my self from my site to try if page 403 shows up , and it did not ..

    Any idea .. All the errors Shown instaed of the pointed page the Borwser shows the custom Error from the borwser, For Example if you use Google browser.
    HTTP 404 - File not found
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    Have you tried searching PLESK's wiki/knowledgebase or contacting their and your hosting company's customer support?
    This seems to be a simple issue to resolve.

    Good luck!
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    i have but no answer , but during the search someone was talking about how to make Custom errors pages and he Made a Gold Comment in his Post , it was The soluation for my problem , He Said when Creating error page , make sure its Bigger than 512Bytes or Browser will not Detect it right .. So i tried that and made my Custom error with Bla bla messsages just to get over than 512Bytes .. and Gotcha .. worked Fine ,,

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