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    setting up reseller accounts in WHM

    Hi all

    I have just graduated to my own Server (Yeah). I am trying to set up a reseller account where the reseller can create his own account.

    When I set up the reseller account in WHM and then go into the resellers WHM panel the only accounts that the reseller can set up are packages that I must pre create in The master WHM control panel.

    Is there someway around this. I also have 2 reseller accounts with other host that I can do this with.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    That section is a choice to limit them if you want. if you don't limit them, then they can put whatever package they want.

    You should set yourself up with a reseller account and try making accounts with it. When you choose options in the root account for resellers, you'll see the options change on their whm.
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    skelley1 is correct.

    Make sure you read the options before ticking them as some might give root access to your clients or the ability to reboot services etc.

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    What's wrong with re-boot permission?
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    nothing wrong actually if you dun mind resellers 'boot' on ur azz

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    It worked great, I also have to say that I got my server from the thanksgiving special with Burstnet and they have been great, I needed suppot last night and contacted them via aim and teh tech was very helpful

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