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    Paid hosting taking 404 error traffic?

    HostGator is the only one I know of taking your 404 traffic by default. I have never experienced this with any other host I have used.

    Personally it does not bother me much because I know how to change it simple. I'm a big fan of HostGator otherwise. They do provide a great service. I just find it weird your 404 page is a HostGator ad with a coupon code.

    Is this a popular thing I have just never run into? I know it is the norm with free hosting providers. What do you guys think of this?

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    I've only ever seen it with Hostgator, and I first saw it a couple weeks ago. Had no idea companies did that kind of stuff.

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    I'm not sure if Lunarpages keeps doing it too and another that it was stated on this forum is cirtexhosting
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    I have only heard of hostgator, and I don't like that they do it. - OpenVZ Virtualization with SolusVM Control Panel on High Quality Servers. - Inexpensive VPSs with great features. - 24/7 Ticket Support with FAST Replies - CEO Jackson H - [email protected]

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    I honestly was amazed when I first saw that, be careful if you have a reseller account with them . A client may get a 404 error and then just go with HostGator because it looks better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GigeWeb View Post
    I honestly was amazed when I first saw that, be careful if you have a reseller account with them . A client may get a 404 error and then just go with HostGator because it looks better.
    If my memory serves me right this 404 page only applies to their shared hosting servers and not their reseller ones.

    I'd say with the 404 page the majority of their users do not care. Then some that do put up their own 404 page. Then finally the last few were the ones screaming about it. The thing is those customers were probably the kind they did not want anyways.
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    Its not really weird considering its part of their strategy. But its not really a big deal as well. =)

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    1and1 does it (or at least when i was with them) as well. Not a fan of that practice at all.

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    I don't really see the big deal 1) don't have bad links 2) if you have bad links have your own custom 404 page and 3) if you didn't do 1 and/or 2, why complain?
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    It's just a strategy to get more customer's and i'm sure hostgator allow custom error page's so its up to you if you want to change them.

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