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    Shared host "green" / carbon offsetting, Cpanel, $10-$20 a month,

    I'm currently with webfaction (which awesome) for some of my Django installs, but it's a pain for static installations (especially when clients need their own ftp accounts). So, I'm looking for a cpanel host for clients with simple PHP sites (FrogCMS and Wordpress) and static sites. I use an amazon S3 bucket for most of clients images...

    I need about 25-50 SQL databases, 5-15 gigs in bandwidth, and 5-10 gigs in storage.

    Many of clients are non-profits and have environmental concerns so I need a host that is "green tagged" (purchases energy from renewable resources) and uses offsets (and has a page detailing this).

    I'd also like somewhere with a data-center on the east coast (I'm in Montreal)

    I have $10-$20 monthly (I purchase for a year).

    Thanks for the help!
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    How did you get on with finding a host for your needs ?

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    Well your requirements look reasonable, besides the "green" part as not all hosting providers are "green tagged" and uses offsets.

    Is this requirement a must or can you live without it? You should be able to have a wider range of choice if you can go without this requirement.
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    I didnt see much in your request about a green host - not really sure what you would consider green. but Since your in Montreal I would suggest iweb.

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    I would guess that just about any host located in Quebec uses renewable energy (presumably, Hydro-Quebec supplies all the power unless I'm mistaken). I don't know if they'd specifically mention it - it's kinda a given (same thing in Manitoba which also uses Hydro). - Save money by buying glasses online!

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    You could try super green. Just google super green hosting and you will find their site. I think their servers are in chicago.

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    Supergreenhosting is owned by Justhost. I would sure suggest the OP do his research on them before going ahead with signing up.

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